Cross-Cultural Team Building

Cross-Cultural Team Building training brings new and existing teams together to strengthen relationships, agree best practice communication and explore how to work effectively together.  Through a series of tasks and team building activities, you and your team will learn how to recognise and respond to culturally different perceptions, expectations and preferences and how to maximise the benefits of working in a diverse team.

Fact check

  • Location:

At our training centre in London or at your premises.

  • Format:

In-company group
Virtual classroom

  • Course duration:

1 – 2 days

  • Group size:

In-company courses: maximum 12

Who is it for?

Any global or multicultural team:

  • Co-located or virtual
  • Project teams
  • Cross-functional teams

What will you take away?

  • A cultural framework for recognising behavioural gaps and synergies
  • Greater understanding of individual and team strengths, expectations of team work and areas for development
  • Practical communication skills for overcoming linguistic and cultural challenges
  • Strategies for building relationships and trust across cultures
  • An understanding of how to provide support, influence others, manage conflict and reach consensus
  • A new team charter with agreed ways of working together

Course content, methodology and trainer

Course content

Cross-cultural Team Building can be tailored to meet your team’s needs but content can include:

  • Icebreaking activity
  • How do we see each other? Perceptions, judgments, generalisations and stereotypes
  • Where are we?  Mission and goals, levels of trust, performance
  • Cross-cultural working styles and preferences: attitudes to hierarchy, team work, rules, risk and time
  • Relationship makers and breakers
  • Criteria for building trust: what matters to us
  • Developing cross-cultural communication skills: styles, methods and techniques
  • Giving feedback and having difficult conversations
  • Creating a team charter: how are we going to work together
  • Personal and team action planning and next steps

Training methodology

Cross-cultural Team Building programmes are always extremely practical and interactive and enable team members to share knowledge, learn more about each other and agree best practice within the team.  The trainer acts as a facilitator encouraging participants to share ideas and opinions, participate in team building activities and give constructive feedback to each other.

Course trainer

All our cross-cultural trainers have extensive experience of working internationally combined with an in-depth knowledge of cross-cultural theory and practice.

We regularly asses our trainers to ensure that they deliver high quality training that is meaningful, engaging and participative.

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